SHAREit APK Transfer, Share Files App Latest Download

SHAREit APK Transfer, Share Files App Latest Download

SHAREit APK The Fast, Easy Way to Wirelessly Transfer Files Between Devices For Android & Windows 10/11

SHAREit APK Free Download is a free file-sharing program that enables sharing between devices without a network or Bluetooth connection. If you want an easy, fast, and secure way to share large files with your friends in seconds, the SHAREit apk Download is perfect. The days of wireless file transfer between devices are over.

The interface is designed in such a clean and uncomplicated way that anyone using the program can send and receive files in seconds without learning the program’s ins and outs. The Shareit apk for pc has the latest technology to exchange and share data wirelessly. One of the great advantages of the program is that the transfer is safe, secure, and fast. You can transfer files using the app at different speeds and between several devices. Users can share their files via wireless network sharing.

File transfer speed is better than Bluetooth, but on some devices, the speed is slower than expected. Since it depends on your wifi connection, anything that affects your connection will affect your speed. Shareit apk mod creates a hotspot while running on your computer so other devices can find it and connect automatically. Alternatively, you can get a QR code scanned by other devices to complete the connection.

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How SHAREit APK Became the Go-To File Transfer App for Over 1 Billion Users Worldwide

When your device tries to connect to your computer, SHAREit will ask for confirmation. Before you get frustrated with repeatedly doing the same thing for the same devices, add your devices to the list of trusted devices to prevent Shareit apk downloads for Android from asking for authentication.

SHAREit is a cross-platform document-sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac systems. This allows you to transfer documents between any device using supported devices. If you combine users across all platforms, share it apk for ios can reach over 1 billion users. This amount is huge, and this article will explain why this program is associated with the support of one billion users worldwide.

Download SHAREit APK for Android

If you don’t use SHAREit, how can you transfer files from one device to another? You can use Bluetooth, cloud storage, or external media. Not forgetting mobile phones, the most important option is Bluetooth. However, Shareit apk old version takes time to share good Bluetooth statistics. What if a friend or two requests the files? This is where the SHAREit apk download new version comes in. Changing the facts can solve your problem.

SHAREit APK – The Free File Manager & Transfer App for Quick and Easy File Sharing Without the Internet 

An easy-to-use file manager allows users to view, move or delete files to manage storage on the device. A powerful file explorer checks how many apps and files you have on your phone. One-click file cleaner cleans your phone from junk files to free up space and increase your phone’s efficiency. SHAREit apk for Android works on a simple network principle, as you don’t need an internet connection or an Android phone’s Bluetooth connection to share files. But it creates a secure bond with the recipient.

This turns the sender’s device into a hotspot, and the receiver must connect. When the receiver is connected, the device sends data as a packet. Both devices have IP addresses. These IP addresses form the basis of the connection. The connection is secure and private because the data is sent as an IP packet.

SHAREit APK For Android Free Download 

Once the app is downloaded and installed on your Android phone, click the start button on your home screen. The Shareit apk latest version requires some permissions before you can proceed. SHAREit asks permission to access media, files, and photos on the phone. In addition, the application uses the principle of proximity and recognition; that is, H. asks where the machine is.

You’ll be taken to the user menu once you’ve granted all the necessary permissions. Your name and profile photo are both customizable. You can select one of the lovely images from your phone’s gallery. After determining your name and photo, log in to the share it apk file free download platform. The home screen is very interactive and interesting. There are a few more features besides file sharing.  SHAREit APK Old Version rest of the features will be discussed later. But let’s focus first on the file-sharing process between the two devices.

People Also Ask

  • Does SHAREit APK support iOS?
    SHAREit APK is compatible with iOS and Android, allowing cross-platform file sharing.
  • Does SHAREit APK require an internet connection to share files?
    No, Shareit Download Apk works offline, allowing users to share files without using mobile data or wifi.
  • Is the file transferred using SHAREit APK?
    Yes, SHAREit APK values user privacy and data security on all data transmissions and does not store data on its servers.
  • Can I share SHAREit APK apps?
    SHAREit APK Free Download allows users to share files and apps between devices.

SHAREit APK Transfer, Share Files App Latest Download

SHAREit APK Advance Features

  • Free installation.
  • Transfers of files happen instantly.
  • Simple to use.
  • Your device is entirely secure.
  • Without network limitations.
  • Two hundred times faster than Bluetooth in terms of speed.
  • Accept all file types.
  • Updated once a week.
  • The app can be used offline.

Extra Features OF SHAREit APK Features

  • You can connect data from your mobile device to your computer. You can also use this feature to preview images and manage PPTs.
  • By default, transferring or sharing data with SHAREit apk file download saves the data on the device. You can also change the storage location by clicking the storage location, selecting the storage location, and so on.
  • The program periodically validates the connection configuration by asking the H. sender to add a receiver and a receiver file.
  • SHAREit requires an access point to share files, but at the same time, the owner can use your data because the access point is active. You can stop the data subject from processing the data by clicking on the revocation button.
  • Users can change the languages as they see fit, with 37 languages.
  • Ultra-fast speed mode is also a feature of the free download Shareit apk that allows you to transfer files 50% faster than normal speed.
  • The SHAREit app uses file transfer over mobile data or wifi. It connects to the endpoint, and the file-sharing process continues.
  • SHAREit Download also has a built-in music player that allows you to play multiple audio files, including MP3, WAV, and AAC. This music player is lightweight and requires no software like the app. This allows you to easily play multiple files. App users can listen to and download thousands of songs without charge.
  • The app is available on Android and iOS devices. Only 20-30 MB, and it works well. Shareit apk download requires large system memory or a mainframe to run.
  • It covers a range of signal strengths. A simple Bluetooth connection (at best) only bridges up to 10 meters.


  • Quickly and effectively.
  • Transfers data without sacrificing quality.
  • The best video and music player.
  • Offline viewing of videos.


  • The experience could be made more seamless by updates.
  • Constant advertising is pushed.
  • Some countries, including India, have a ban.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Android OS 5+
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB RAM required.
  • Disk Space: 120 MB space required.
  • Processor: Octa-core (2×2.4 GHz Cortex-A76 & 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55

How to Install SHAREit APK?

  • At the top of this page is a Download button.
  • After installing the Shareit apk, you can link your Google account to ensure your profile and usage.
  • Make sure that you at least have a 6.23 Android version to download the application.


SHAREit APK For Android is a reliable and effective data-sharing app for Android devices. With its extraordinary speed, cross-platform support, and offline sharing features, it has become the choice of millions of users worldwide. Whether you want to transfer files, videos, or photos, SHAREit APK provides seamless sharing, making it a must-have app for Android users.